In her recent Ted Talk, Bel Pesce said, “Achieving a dream is a momentary sensation, and your life is not. The only way to really achieve all your dreams is to fully enjoy every step of your journey.”

No matter who we are and where we’re from, each one of us has a dream of where we’d like to be. Some of us brush those dreams under the carpet and the craziest of the bunch (that’s us) dare to chase them until we finally say, “yeah boy, I did it!”

If you’re a dream chaser, you know just how ah-freaking-mazing it feels to reach your goal – to feel a sense of achievement and pride in seeing your hard work come to fruition. After the hype and excitement fades, you might find yourself thinking… “What now?”


Use this time to reflect on all you’ve learnt. If you ended up watching all of Bel Pesce’s Ted Talk, you’ve learnt that there is no such thing as an overnight success. All of your experiences, good and bad, contributed to the achievement of your goal. What have been the biggest lessons so far? What advice would you give your younger self? If you have a progress journal (and even if you don’t) write down your biggest lessons and your gems of advice. You’ll probably notice how much you have grown during the process. That precious growth and those insightful lessons will definitely come in handy as you continue to move forward with your new dreams.

Goal Set

New dreams? Yes. Now that you’ve done amazing things and ticked off that big goal on your checklist, it’s time to start thinking and planning for what’s next. A huge mistake many dream chasers make is thinking, “now that I’ve reached my goal, it’s time to maintain my life as it is now.” Well, that’s a trap! Sure, you might be happy and content, and that’s great. But if you’re a serious dream chaser, you’ll find yourself getting bored, feeling restless and your mind will start to wander. Here’s a little something for those who relate to what I’m saying: newsflash! You’re feeling this way because your first dream is not your destination. It’s only part of your journey. Time to get into your creative space with a pen and paper (or your progress journal) and start brainstorming. You’re now ready to plan for bigger and better things!

Repay Your Debt

If you’ve been blessed to live your dream, I know you’ve worked your butt off and made unseen sacrifices to get there. And as I’ve said over and over again, chasing your dream ain’t for the faint hearted! It’s  taken a lot of hard work, and so you owe it to yourself not to give up now. Unless you’re nearing retirement (and even then) there is no reason you should give up on setting new goals and dreaming up new dreams. It’s the best way to repay yourself and those who have supported you along the way. Aim higher, work harder and enjoy the rewards for longer.

Hopefully you now have a renewed sense of direction and are already thinking of where to go from here. The main point to remember is that life isn’t all about reaching a specific goal – it’s made up of a collection of goals and their results. All of your success and all of your failures make up the story of your life, and so it only makes sense to turn the page when you’ve finished each chapter. It’s time to reflect, set new goals and get excited for what the future holds for you.

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