Don’t Sell Your Dreams Short

The term ‘don’t sell yourself short’ originally comes from the short selling of stocks. From what I understand, people would jump the gun and sell their valuable stock at a dirt cheap price; simply because they believed it was on the decline and eventually wouldn’t be worth much anyway.

In my field of work, I see so much of this – people giving up on things that are of high value, all because they don’t recognise it’s worth, or how it could potentially benefit others. The thing with stock is that the buyer still has some chance at making the most of what they’ve bought. When it comes to dreams – once you’ve sold yourself short, no one has the ability to make use of that one thing only you can offer.

Your dream is tied with your potential

What’s the big deal?!” I hear you say. Well, the big deal is that your dream is closely tied to your potential. If you’re a hard worker, you’re probably already doing great at whatever field of work or lifestyle you’ve chosen to follow. But if you’re working so hard, wouldn’t it make sense to do it for something you believe in? Something you’re passionate about?

Combining your passion, dreams and beliefs with your skills, experience and expertise is a golden key to unlocking your full potential. Knowing that you’re working towards something that’s important to you, gives you a sense of value, importance and fulfillment that can only be tapped into when you’re following your dream.

You could be responsible for the next best thing

Hang with me here. Before you laugh this whole article off or hit the red cross at the top right, hear me out for a bit. I’m not necessarily saying you’ll be the next person to revolutionise our world (although it is possible!), but what I am saying is that your dream could take you to places and people that you could impact for the better. I’d like to argue that that is the next best thing – making positive change in the lives of others as a result of living your personal dream.

It may seem difficult to visualise if you haven’t realised what you were created to do, but take a shot anyway. Imagine a world where everyone followed their dream, doing something that makes a difference in their country, community or family? It would be a win-win situation – we’d all be happy while making real change and there would be a ripple effect of positivity.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality in our world. Many people are chasing their dream, but so many others have sold theirs short, giving in to a sense of responsibility or to the expectations of others. That’s why it’s so important that those of us who do have the courage to go against the grain, actually do. Stand up and make your dreams count – not just for yourself, but because you never know who might need you to.

It boosts your sense of self-worth and value

Now that you know how much fulfilling your dream can impact others, it’s important to take note of what it can do for you.

It may seem obvious – living your dream should bring happiness and rainbows and joy, right? Well, not always. It takes hard work, sleepless nights, endless dedication and unwavering commitment. Along the way you might lose friends and even family members who don’t believe in your personal calling. Your finances might even dwindle as a result. So following your dream ain’t for the faint-hearted, and the sooner you accept that the more prepared you’ll be for the bumps along the way.

What’s not always so obvious is this: pursuing your dream and unlocking your potential will lift your self-worth, and will make you realise just how valuable you are.

As you put in hard work to bear the fruits of success, you’ll eventually start to see the effect it has on the people around you. It may not only be within your workplace – it’ll most likely effect your personal life too, as your family members and friends beam with pride at the great work you’re putting into what you do.

It may not always be financial, but there are always tangible rewards that all dream chasers are blessed with along their journey to success. Those rewards add value to how you view yourself and if anything will motivate you to push harder, smarter and faster towards achieving your dream.

Thanks for hanging on until the very end. It took two days of writers block and twenty minutes of spontaneous inspiration to put this little piece together. I hope it meant something to you, and if you’ve swept your dream under the rug in the past, I also hope you’ve now chosen to reconsider.

If there’s only one thing you take away from me today, let it be this: your dreams are worth something. Your ideas, goals and ambitions are valuable and can make a real difference to the people around you. Take a deep breath and make a move in the right direction – if not for the benefit of others, then do it for yourself. Your dreams aren’t worth selling short.

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