Starting Your Business When You’ve Got No Money, Honey

So you’ve realised your dream, started brainstorming and you’ve come up with a few amazing ideas – you’re all good to go. Just one problem. You’ve got no money, honey.

Ok, so before you pull out your tissue box and cinnamon doughnuts, all is not lost. You can still make headway on the pathway to living your dream.

Create your business plan

We totally agree with Ivan Leafa’s motto “A goal without action is just a dream”.

Start outlining your mission, what problem or pain point you’ll be solving, your services, how you will deliver your product, target group, costs – all of that and more. We particularly love this business plan by Blog Society (you’ll have to subscribe to download, but it’s totally worth it!).

Don’t allow a lack of paper stop you from planning, because once you do get that money together, you’ll have to plan all of this anyway. So why not do it now?

Let people know

Start reaching out to your friends and family to let them know of your plans. Our way of doing this was via social media. We set up a free website via and signed our business up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

It allowed us to share our space with our online family and it directly linked them to our website. Not only did it generate a lot of traffic, it built awareness and pulled in some of our very first clients!

Make the most of free marketing 

Again, social media is a great one for this. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients, friends and family to share your service and remember to direct them back to your website or social media pages – it’s free and valuable exposure.

Use every free opportunity to promote your brand, your services and just how much of a positive change you could potentially make to peoples live. Attend events, welcome the asks to talk about your business, guest blog and network with amazing individuals who wont hesitate to promote what you do.

Now’s no time to let your nerves get the best of you. Put yourself and your business out there and if you can back up your claims, you’ll be in business baby!

Hustle like a maniac

Okay, maybe not like a maniac, but you might just look like one once you’re done. Roll your sleeves up and start taking steps towards your dream. Do everything you can – work your butt off and give this your best shot! At this point in your journey, your dreams are raw and real, and this is when you’ll learn and grow the most.

You don’t need money to put in the hard yards, and remember, we all start somewhere. Work with what you have and work with what you know. Just remember that your success will be even sweeter when you look back and see how far you’ve come!

Want to know more about how we can help you achieve your goals on a minimal (or non-existant) budget? Read more about Talanoa and our services.

Photo credit: @msmelev

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