Arieta Tora is the face behind Talanoa. While she aims to support others in reaching their goals, she’s trying to do the same. Read more to find out what Talanoa is all about. 

What is Talanoa and how did you come up with the idea?

Talanoa is a place where people can find inspiration, direction and support in taking the first step to chasing their dream job, career or life style. It’s also a place where young business owners can ask for business and marketing advice.

I wish I could say that the idea “just came to me” haha! I actually spent a lot of time researching, brainstorming, seeking advice and praying over my idea.

After being approached by friends and family members for support, I started to realise that there was a definite need for a service like mine – somewhere where people can reach out and say “I have this idea for a business or career path, and I’m not sure how to get started. Can you help?” or “I’ve started building my business and it’s going well, but I’m not sure how to market or advertise my services on social media. Help?!”

You’d be surprised how far you can go with a bit of support. Some people have gone on to build their business after one discussion over coffee. Others have asked me to have more hands on involvement as they don’t have time to implement the things we discuss, for example a marketing strategy.

What motivated you to get started? 

Knowing that I can support people to grow and to live happier lives was one of the main reasons – I honestly believe it’s more than a job for me – it’s my calling. I’ve always been passionate about growth and it makes me so happy to see people around me succeeding in whatever they do. Knowing that I can contribute to that success – whether it be on a small or large scale is one of the main things that has motivated me.

What makes you qualified to help people? 

With academic and working experience in marketing and communications, social welfare, human resources, government sector, media, administration and tourism and hospitality I can add value to almost any area that people may need assistance with.

Volunteering has also given me a vast range of experience from event management, raising community awareness of social issues and fundraising for charitable causes.

In whatever field it might be – understanding what people want, and working out how to make it happen is one of my biggest strengths. I care what people have to say, and I like to make sure they have all the support they need while working with me. As I mentioned earlier – this isn’t just work to me – it’s the core of why I do what I do – I love helping others to succeed.

What do you hope to achieve? 

To contribute to the growth, success and happiness in the lives of the people that I work with. I honestly believe that there is so much potential out there, particularly in young Pacific people. Confidence is a big issue, and I hope that by making my service and my website easily accessible, inviting and interesting – I can inspire someone to think “if they can do it, I can do it too” – to stop living life on the sidelines and start thinking about where and what they want to be doing with their career, and how they can make it happen.