Home, Ronna Su’a

Our crown is in the God we serve, there we find our core foundation in who we are.

We are the peoples of seas that carried our ancestors and land that tell of their stories.

To the world, our islands are havens of paradise, to our pacific communities, our islands are our homes.


Home to generations of wisdom, culture, tradition and pride.

Home to the lessons that have been engraved within us since the beginning of time.


We are people of strength and courage,

Who speak with confidence and assurance,

Move with elegance and grace,

And live honouring our ancestors for the traditions that we claim our ‘way of life’.


Behind us are years of delicate history.

Beyond us are all our dreams.

Beside us, our families stand, the whole tribe of them too.


A unit of love is all I see when I see pacific communities.

Laughter that erupts from the soul, filling voids of homesick.

For many, we no longer live in the islands.

But wherever we go, we carry our homes inside us.


Samoa is home.

Tonga is home.

Fiji is home.

Cook Islands is home.

Hawaii is home.


To name a few among the many, our pacific islands will always be home.

One day, when the waves come crashing in, at the shore I’ll await for you to take me back to the place I long to be.


Samoa, lo’u atunuu pele

– Ronna Su’a 

Ronna Su’a is a Samoan Writer, born in Christchurch NZ. A previous Editor of Hyde Magazine and Student advocate for her University, her love for words has took her on a journey across many fields. She is currently in the process of completing a BA in writing and communication and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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