Vitihome‘s gorgeous designs and beautiful prints had us at helllo! Since the release of their very first cushion cover, the ladies behind the business have continued to show us just how creatively amazing they are. Faith Watling, Toni-Marie Compain and Courtney Smith are the brains behind the business. We recently caught up with Faith and here’s what she had to say. 

What is VitiHome?

VitiHome is a little project taken up by the three of us to serve as a creative outlet. It’s a homeware brand inspired by the tropical paradise island we call home, Fiji! We love culture and colour and all things unique to our island home. We just want to share our creativity and passion with everybody.


How was the business idea created?

Courtney is the real mastermind. The light bulb went off in her head and when she approached Toni-Marie and I, we thought this would be a perfect way to leave our mark on the world. We all bring something unique to the table. Courtney with her awesome ideas and passion for art, Toni-Marie and her business savvy mindset (after running the successful boutique Miss Moo located in Fiji), and I provide the computer skill set that converts our ideas and our artwork into VitiHome designs.


How do you stay motivated to push forward with your business?

When you’re doing something you love, motivation comes easy. Not forgetting all the amazing support from everyone. When people appreciate what you do it only pushes you to want to do more and to do better.


Any advice for young and emerging entrepreneurs?

Do something you love and that you’re passionate about. Do your research, work hard and stay committed because it will all pay off.


What does the future hold for VitiHome?

Ultimately we’d love to have a wide range of homeware items from bedspreads to tea towels and everything in between. But for now we’re focusing on designs that hit a little closer to home for our next collection… Stay tuned!


If you’d like to stay up-to-date with what’s happening at VitiHome, or if you’d like to purchase something from their gorgeous range, you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.