“In our Pacific Islands Ocean Region the ocean unites and divides, connects and separates, sustains and threatens our very survival.” This is the opening of the regional discussion paper circulated amongst Pacific Civil Society in the preparation for the Oceans Summit happening right now. This one line illustrates the interconnection of Pacific people with the ocean.

In solidarity with the oceans summit and world oceans day, it is important that we come together to talk and better understand the conversations that Pacific people are championing and the causes they are fighting for right now.

It is important to create space, create awareness and to also explain how we can show true solidarity with all of those who are at the frontlines of these conversations. These discussions have brought together some of the greatest minds from across the Pacific and as Pacific people sharing our thoughts and feelings through story is always at the centre of these.

Join event host Joseph-Zane of 350 Pacific to discuss the World Oceans Conference, COP23 and the work civil society are doing around it, and how we can support it from afar.

To find out more, read the Pacific-Event-Media-Release.