It all started with a “follow” on Instagram before the gorgeous images on Gypsy Kinq had us hooked. Yesterday we caught up with Alisa who spoke about how the brand was created, what keeps her motivated and their big dreams for the future. 

What is Gypsy Kinq and how was the concept created?

Gypsy Kinq is an online store my sister and I have been putting together to cater to fashion lovers looking to purchase pre-loved items along with new limited edition pieces for women and men. We wanted to find a way we could give our pre-loved clothes a new home, plus sell new clothes we love also.

We consider Ourselves gypsy’s at heart and kinq just went well so I changed the “g” to a “q” as “q” in Fijian is pronounced the sound of “g”.

The idea actually came from travelling to Fiji year after year and seeing the need for something new and fresh among young adults when it came to clothing stores. We thought – instead of limiting it to online and social media, let’s take it there. Let’s open something up at home (in Fiji) and bring them the trends they follow here in Australia, at affordable prices.


What inspires you to push forward with your business?
Amazing clothes and products, my daughter, being able to spend time in Fiji, working for myself here in Australia and in Fiji, accomplishing a dream… A lot of things.


How have you overcome the negatives that come with following your dream?
It’s always hard at the start but you just have to keep pushing forward and not let the negatives get to you, and when they do – turn them into positives.


What does the future hold for Gypsy Kinq?
Success… success and Beyoncé being spotted in something off our website!

We’d like to thank Alisa Byquar from Gypsy Kinq for sharing their story with us. To find out more, or to make a purchase, you can find Gypsy Kinq online.