For most of us, staying fit isn’t as easy or as simple as we’d like it to be. Gym memberships can seem like a waste of money – especially when there’s a lack of inspiration to exercise consistently. Humble Workouts aim to tackle those problems and the many others that can stand in the way of staying healthy and fit. 

What is Humble Workouts?

Humble workouts is made of members of the local community for the local community.  It’s currently one of the most attractive, fun and motivational fitness boot camps in Sydney’s south-west region.

It started off with three mates wanting to make a change within the community – not just with their friends and family, but with the general population in Sydney ’s south west, which is arguably down on the map as one of Australia’s largely obese areas.  We, Phil Samuels (Head Trainer), Manu Vuniwawa (Head Trainer) and Jope Wise (Manager) finally decided that enough was enough and created this as opportunity for people who need our support.

What’s Humble Workouts mission and motivation?

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most effective outdoor exercise classes as we absorb the electricity and vitality of the Sydney’s most dynamic people. We seek to not only enhance health, wellness and spirit, but to share the joy and reward of discovering just how much the body can achieve.

We’re sick of the stereo typing that plagues our local community and we knew it was about time we switched things up! In comparison to the more wealthier areas (Eastern suburbs, North Sydney, Coastal Area’s etc.) where money isn’t a always a problem – it tends to see the cost of healthy living not being an issue. That’s why this boot camp was formed to lend a helping hand to those who don’t have the financial benefits to pay for fitness classes.

What makes you unique, and sets you apart as a boot camp? 

This boot camp is 100% free of charge, run by volunteers who are passionate about helping disadvantaged people in their community.

If your keen on having a boot camp in your area or keen on becoming part of the team of awesome trainers feel free to contact our team and we’ll be sure to direct you on the right path.

We’d like to thank Humble Workouts for providing us with their own content and allowing us to share their story. To find out more you can find them on Facebook. Details for their work our sessions are below. 


Every Saturday
EndeavourPark, Fairfield 7am
Boronia Park North (off Boronia Rd), St Mary’s 9am

Phil Samuels(Head Trainer) – 0404474144
Manu Vuniwawa(Head Trainer) – 0426052358
Jope Wise (Manager) – 0449518119