Making Digital Marketing Work For You

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, the difference between treading water and breaking the seas of success could be your understanding of digital marketing and how you can use it to work for you.

So what is digital marketing?

Basically, digital marketing is the way you present your business to the online world.

There are a few things that colour that presentation, and it’s everything from understanding the people who need your service (your ideal customer), knowing which businesses are your competitors, what value and cost you put on your service or product, to the tone and voice you use to talk to your online community.

How well (or badly) you work your digital marketing will determine what impression you leave on people via your online platforms (website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) and whether the right people read your stuff, and find value in what you have to offer.

How can you make it work for you?

In today’s world, most of us are so busy that by the time we look through our newsfeed, we tune out useless information and hone in on what sparks our interest, or in things that seem to offer solutions to our own specific problems.

That’s the key to digital marketing – sparking the interest of your ideal customer with something that can add value to their lives. And how do you do that? By being genuine and authentic. People can tell almost immediately if you’re just trying to make a sale, win a sign up or a referral.

Capture their attention by speaking directly to their need as a normal person would. Instead of following traditional advertisements with fancy language, stand out by asking a direct question or making a bold statement that’ll speak straight to the heart.

A great way to add more value is to add a blog section to your website with simple tips and useful information that’ll make life easier for your ideal customer. In an online world where there are millions of voices calling out to your ideal customer, you want to stand out.

You want to have that “thing” that makes people want to have your product or service. Offering free advice and information via a blog is one way you can add leverage to your online platform in comparison with your competitors.

Where do I go from here?

The first thing you need to do is determine if this is something you can do yourself. Do you know how to create interesting and engaging content? If you know who you’re talking to (again, your ideal customer), work your words around them. What do they want to hear? How can you make their lives easier? Put yourself in their shoes and think of what might interest them and what words they might be looking for to solve their particular problem that only you can solve.

Once you’ve made those changes, remember to keep it up with everything you do and say online. Keep track of the results – if you find a big difference (an increase in valuable relationships with potential customers and other businesses, more enquiries and a high amount of converted sales) then you’ve won the digital marketing game my friend.

If you’re finding it hard to wrap your head around it, fret not – there are people and businesses that exist to make life easier for you by explaining it in more detail, providing you with tools and resources to do it all on your own or can take over and revamp your digital marketing for you.

If you’re wondering where to start looking, well guess what, you’re already one step ahead – you can look right here! We’re shamelessly adding our own plug to say we can help you with your digital marketing if you’re like most of the small business population, who recognise it’s importance and want to nail it, but don’t have the time or mind space to recreate their online world to suit their goals and more importantly, their target market.

Talanoa to the rescue! Send us an email at to ask your questions about digital marketing and how you can play it like a sweet little ukulele that brings in all the lovely hula girls (aka your idea customers!).

Photo credit: @msmelev

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