“Raging from the humble hills of the Bay Area comes a fresh face with a unique voice ready to rock stages and melt  hearts everywhere. With roots that derive from Tonga and Fiji, Saane has developed a sound that embraces her tropical heritage while grasping the ingenuity of her influences. In an industry where talent is of an abundance, it is Saane’s unique voice, song-writing, and vibrant live show that sets her apart from everyone else.” – saanemusic.com.

When and how did you discover your voice, and your love for music?

I discovered my love for music after my love of writing. From the moment I could read and write, my passion to write poetry and stories came naturally. It wasn’t until I was older and exposed to pop culture and oldies, that I truly became involved with the medium of music.

If I could trace it all back to an event, I had an experience in the 5th grade that really revealed my potential. I wrote a poem (“No More”), made a melody to it, and decided to sing the song at my school’s talent show. After my performance, the kids in my class couldn’t believe I wrote the song, and even my teacher was impressed. It was a crazy experience that opened my eyes to a new way of expression: songwriting.

What inspired you to step up to the challenge of sharing your love and ability to entertain through music?

What inspired me to step up to the challenge of sharing my love through music and to be an entertainer was through a spiritual awakening when I was 18. When I encountered the love of God 10 years ago, it gave me the confidence to do anything. Before that, I was a timid misfit with no aim in life. The power of love saved me and gave me purpose to extend the same love I experienced, regardless of my audience’s race, sexuality, lifestyles, or beliefs.

How does your Fijian and Tongan heritage influence you? Does it play a part in your choice of music?

My Tongan and Fijian heritage definitely play a part in my choice of music. I’ve always loved Reggae as a child and would hear my father play Sakiusa Bolicokocoko cassettes. It has definitely has influenced me to gravitate towards an island feel in my music, regardless of what genre I play.

What have been the biggest lessons in your journey as a musician, and as a person, so far?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be true to myself. When I first started taking music seriously and wanted to hustle, I realized the journey wasn’t going to be easy. Like any industry, there are toxic environments and moments that would lead anyone to compromise their dignity in order to get ahead. I always remind myself that my worth, talent, and vision is not something to be toyed with. As long as I’m true to myself, I’ll be happy regardless of the outcome. The grass is always green when you focus on watering your own garden.

Looking to the future, what dreams and goals do you have, and how can we as a community support you?

My goal is to groove the world and be groovy, however that translates into reality is up to the future to reveal. I welcome any support and recognition from the Polynesian community as a fellow artist who is just trying to live her life to the fullest and inspire others. Stay tuned!

We’d like to thank Saane for sharing her story. To find out more, stay in touch or support Saane’s work, you can find more details on her website at saanemusic.com.