When it comes to being productive, we could all use a little push in the right direction (if we’re being honest!). To fit in with our ‘Timefulness Tips’ on a Tuesday, we’ve come up with 10 steps to help you get the most out of your day. Follow them in a way that suits you best and we promise, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Ease into your day by waking up an hour or even 10 minutes earlier than usual. Go for a walk, have a cup of tea or meditate before the rest of the world (or your household) wakes up. You’ll feel the difference.
  2. Plan your day. Do you have a diary, or an app that you can use to keep track of what you’ve got on today? If not, start now – it can be a simple as typing up your to-do list in your notes or on a sticky note that you can keep in your wallet. It’ll help you kick off your day with purpose.
  3. Take the scenic route. And, put your phone down. Yep, you read that right. If you walk to work, take a bus, train or all three – you’ll find that you’ll arrive at work, school or where ever you’re going with a clearer mind.
  4. Be present. It’s the simplest step but probably the most important. We could ramble on all day about why it’s crucial to being productive but the bottom line is that being present means you’re paying attention and able to give all your energy and focus to whatever task is at hand. It’s the only way to produce your best. So remember – be present.
  5. Take breaks. Yeah, another one you might’ve reread in disbelief. Obviously, this step isn’t one to over do, but it’s important to stop and refresh yourself with a simple glass of water, short walk around the block or a stretch away from your desk. When you get back to what you’re doing, you’ll find your productivity levels will be much higher than what it would be if you continued to run on an empty energy tank.
  6. Be assertive. Know when to say yes, when to say ‘later’ and when to say no. You can’t please everyone and yet you still need to get things done, so it’s important to balance the urgent tasks with the important ones. This is where your to-do list comes in handy. Each time you’re presented with a new task, quickly skim over your to-do list and see if you can rearrange it or if you need say no. You’ll thank yourself later.
  7. Remain open to constructive criticism. Sometimes we’re so focused on our work and lives that we don’t see where and how we can improve. If you know someone who points out your weaknesses and gives you feedback on how you can do things better, value and appreciate their honesty. This is a good thing, and helps with productivity when we take it on board and make changes to be better.
  8. Go home on time. Your work will always be there when you return tomorrow. Do what you can, give your best and don’t look back once it’s time to hit the road and call it a day. Whether you work the typical 9 – 5 hours or not, it’s important to balance work with real life, otherwise you’ll find yourself working like a hamster on a wheel, while the rest of your world passes you by. Go home and enjoy yourself.
  9. Reflect on your day, and plan for the next. Go over your diary or to-do list and tick off what got done, move over to the next day what didn’t, and think over what you did well and what you can do better.
  10. Rest, relax and repeat!

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Photo credit: Imelda Paulo