Tired of looking at your screen? Here’s some Pasifika podcasts to listen to

When we first started this list two years ago, there were barely any podcasts by Pasifika people out there. Now, there are more and more emerging and it is so exciting to see!

Keep scrolling to hear what’s out there in the podcast ocean.

“Lilika and Maxine are two Tongan sisters, born and raised in Hawai’i, now living on opposite ends of the Pacific Ocean, sharing their experiences on history, culture, and family, while relating it all to their present realities. From California to Japan and back to Oceania.”

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“Pasifika Issues Podcast started with conversations between two Pacific Islander law students, Ruby Fanaika Fa’agau and Leauma Alefosio. These students, along with fellow leaders, started the first student organization called the Pasifika Law Students (PLS) while in law school, the first of its kind in any ABA-Approved Law School in the United States. The PLS Organization is a monumental accomplishment because it caters primarily to Pacific Islander law students. There is none that exists in any ABA-Approved law school in the entire United States. While in law school, Ruby and Leauma recognized the need to have such an organization in order to assist first-year law students with the rigors of legal studies and also with the transitioning phase. The first year of law school is considered the most challenging year and so to have such support is crucial. Further collaborations between the two legal scholars led to many more conversations on issues facing the Pacific Islander communities not only in the United States but also abroad, realizing that there is a lack of legal assistance within the Pacific Islander communities, which sadly, in any capacity. And so this Podcast is an extension of PLS through commentary that is intended to assess, dissect, analyze, and interpret not only legal issues but other relevant topics pertaining to the Pacific Islander communities. Ruby and Leauma will utilize their legal education and work experiences to help their audience understand the complexities of such issues.”

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“Your newest Pasifika-Australian faves speaking on all things Western Sydney and the journey to self-discovery in a world we can’t seem to find where we fit.”

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“The Real Tautala is a podcast hosted by a Big Beautiful and Vivacious Samoan and Black woman who isn’t afraid to give you the capital “T” on topics pertaining to Pasifika, Black and POC people everywhere!”

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“#WhoAskedHer is a podcast by Papua New Guinean women.”

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“Streaming the antics of our Samoan & Afro-Latino family. A safe space for discourse around Pasifika & PoC experinces. Afio mai!”

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“Hear stories from successful Pasifika people across the globe (the good, bad and ugly) so that our listeners can listen, learn and be inspired to live their best lives too”

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“A playful Polynesian podcast to promote other podcasts, people, personalities, poetry, random thoughts and ideas. Ultimately, it’s something I wanted to do to honor my dad since he loved to talk and so I named this pod after him ‘The FT’ Podcast. I love you dad!”

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“K’aute Pasifika is a Pacific Island initiative Community owned, highly mobile, providing Primary healthcare and social services for Pacific Island people.”

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“Welcome to the Talanoa Podcast, a digital forum to share and discuss the topics that issues that shape the experiences of Pacific Islanders in the United States.”

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“The Pacific Current is a podcast focused on the modern-day Pacific Islander. Our goal is to inspire, connect, and flow with people of our islands. We focus on creative, cultural and business minds in the community today who are shaping the future of those in The Pacific, specifically Hawaii. From entrepreneurs, fashion designers, entertainers, farmers, educators, and philanthropists, we interview people who are molding the future of Pacific people. We are a small group, but believe that the islands of the Pacific are a tightly-connected group of people whose story needs to be told through modern forms of communication. By utilizing today’s technology, we can spread our message much further than ever before. The common thread that binds each of our guests, listeners, and hosts is our love for these islands and her people.”

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“Collecting all the Pacific Island experiences of Utah, building a bridge to the broader Community.”

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“Unapologetic talanoa from the concrete Ocean. We envision an Oceania uprising through storytelling and fellowship that makes healing a reality. Hosted by BexxBumble & DBoy.”

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Freedom for Fiji hosted by Jope Koroisavou

“Bula Vinaka,

Welcome to my podcast, this is a platform where I voice my oppinions about Fiji pollitical situation and also talk about issue that affects our nation and especially the youths”

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