If you’re in Sydney and looking for the freshest barber in town, Phil Vatubua is your man. As a former barber at Culture Kings Sydney and Stylez Barber Shop Blacktown, he is now running his own business. Over the years we’ve heard of his work and have admired his creativity and perserverance with pursuing his career. He took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about what he does best…

What’s your business and how did you come up with the idea? 

I run a temporary pop-up barbershop from home. I came up with the idea when I resigned from my old job and just decided it would be easier and more convinient for me to work from home as well as spend more time with my daughter.


What keeps you motivated to push forward with your work?

My daughter, my family and my clientele. They all definitely keep me motivated. I always have the support of my family with whatever I do. My clientele play a big part too, because without them I wouldn’t be doing this really. And last but not least my daughter – I do this for her. She helps me push forward so that I can try to give her the best things that I can.

Any advice for anyone wanting to follow the same career paths?

Just go for it. Dont let no one tell you that you won’t make it or that you can’t do it, because in the end it’s all on you. It just depends how bad you want it. If you struggle, just keep pushing. The only way is up.

What does the future hold for you?

So I’m running a ‘temporary’ pop-up barbershop for now, but I’m planning to open my own permanent full service barbershop. Hopefully sometime this year or early next year. Just waiting to get the green light so I can get started with shop.


We’d like to wish Phil all the best in the future, and we look forward to visiting him in his shop once it’s up and running. To support Phil or to book in to see him, you can find him on Facebook