The gorgeous designs of Lujilulu caught our eye on Instagram, but it was Luji, the face of Lujilulu, that really won us over. We’ve been following their work for some time now and so naturally we over the moon when we had the chance to speak with Alisi-Vela Yasa, the founder of Lujilulu. We love her work ethic and the strong foundation of her business – her family. This is her story. 

What is Lujilulu and what inspired the idea?

Lujilulu is an online Australian boutique for little ladies. We specialise in handmade head wraps, turbans, kimonos, kaftans, bloomers with matching head wraps and children’s teething necklaces with matching head wraps. These items are all made with so much love and are items I adore.

Having a passion for creating beautiful things, I started sewing for my daughter Luse not long after she was born in August 2013. I fell so in love with all the gorgeous pieces I made and wanted to share them with the world. From there I then decided to launch my little business in Feb 2014 via social media, on Facebook and Instagram.

My little girl is my inspiration and the reason it all started. Her nickname is Lujilulu (or Luji for short) which is who my business is named after. Our Logo is purple as it is my Husbooni’s favourite colour.

Those are just two examples that show my business is built with meaning, and that meaning is my little family. Everything from its name down to the colours, have meaning and value.

What gave you the confidence to turn your idea into a business?

My initial goal was to work up in the ranks and have myself a career in an awesome company. Now having lived out that dream – I’ve realised I don’t want to be working for the rest of my life for a company that sets my hours, my annual leave and my lunch breaks.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my full time job. I’ve been there for five years and what I do is amazing, but since having my little Luji my ultimate goal now is to be a WAHM (working at home mum). The reason is so I can attend Luji’s school events and also drop and pick her up to and from school every day – all of which I feel is super important.

I’ve set a four-year timeline for my ultimate business goal, which aligns with when Luji will start primary school. Being there for her throughout her education is top priority for me.

I’m now living my “once upon a time” dream of working in a successful company while working towards my ultimate goal of being a WAHM in the process.

Aside from my ambitions of supporting my daughter’s education and running a business, the main reason behind my confidence is this – I’m showing Luji that determination, together with hard work and genuine compassion can help you achieve your dreams.


Were there any stumbling blocks along the way?

I’m a big believer in the saying, ‘you are your own stumbling block’. I also believe that nothing is impossible, and stumbling blocks are just challenges – not something that should stop you or interfere with your dreams and goals.

For me personally, my stumbling block is time. Time doesn’t wait for anyone, and to be a success your best friends are planning and being organised.

At the moment I work full time in an awesome Pharmaceutical company while running my household full time. While doing all of that I’m also running my business, Lujilulu. It’s not impossible but it is challenging. As I’ve said is so important to be ogranised and to have a clear plan, as not having either of those will usually result in a lack of success.

Every week I evaluate where I’m at and what needs to get done. From there I have a clearer indication of what my week is going to look like.

I’m also a huge believer in being honest, so as soon as people place their orders, I immediately let them know what the turn-around time will be. I just feel that being upfront and honest is the best thing to have when running a business. It also reassures my customers and gives them faith in my business, which is critically important.

The best thing I have in overcoming stumbling blocks is my awesome Husbooni, Mala. While I’m working he’s always there, keeping an eye out for our little Luji. Having him and his support is so helpful and I never take it for granted.

Any advice for anyone who might be thinking of doing something similar to Lujilulu?

My advice is to go for it. If you’re passionate about something, take a chance and run with it. Be true to yourself in the process – this is so important because you don’t want to be swamped or lost in business. That will only result in disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Plan, be organised and lastly be kind to your self. So many people fail to be kind to themselves. Smile through it all and have loads of fun.



We’d like to thank Alisi from Lujilulu for sharing her story and gorgeous brand with us. They will be launching a brand new website in April 2015, and are currently looking for Brand Reps. For more information, or to browse more of the Lujilulu range, you can find them on Facebook and Instagram

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