My name is Ayden Williams, I’m 11 years old, and a model from Prospect in Sydney. My Dad is Australian and my Mum is Samoan, and I’m the youngest of 3 brothers. I have a dog named Wilson and I love the beach, footy and spending time with my cousins and my family. As a model, I’m represented by Starfish Kids Talent Agency.

How did your story as a model begin?

My first job was a Disney commercial on Foxtel, after my parents put me in an agency when I was 6 years old.  It was so much fun. I started to do a lot of work with Big W, Aldi, Lee Cooper, catalogue work, a Commonwealth Bank Commercial, extra’s for TV series, a Sudo Kids campaign and I just landed the new face of Industrie Kids. It was cool to see my posters all over the store.

AydenWilliams_TalanoaI have my own Instagram page @aydenw_official where I share my work and all the great places I travel to (my Mum comes to all my jobs).

How do you hope to make a difference?

I hope to make a difference and let kids my age know, you can do it! Work hard, believe in yourself and love what you do.

What have been the most challenging experiences in your journey so far?

The hardest thing is going for all the castings (like an interview) with over 100 kids there. I sometimes feel nervous because I know we’re all trying to get the same part. But when I go into the room, I just breathe and do what they ask me to do.

AydenWilliams_TalanoaThen you have to wait sometimes a week to see if you got the job. That’s another hard bit. Also, missing out on a lot of school days and having to catch up on a lot of school work because I get home late, and then having to go to school the next day. Some days, I don’t want to do a job because I’ve missed out on fun excursions with my friends at school.

What were the most rewarding lessons?

I feel rewarded when I see my work on TV, catalogues and posters in the shops, because I know I worked hard from the beginning til the end. There are really long days and I get tired, sometimes we only rest only for a little bit and then its back to work again.

My Nanna and Nanny get really proud and tell people about what I do and show them all my pictures.

AydenWilliams_TalanoaAre there any challenges models face that no one really thinks about? 

When you see the pictures and commercials, it looks like a perfect day, but sometimes we have to stand in the sun, rain and  wind just to get the perfect shot. The photographer might take 30 shots for the one perfect picture. So now I look at commercials and pictures differently. I know how hard that model worked!

When you look back at your life in 20 years time, what do you hope to be most proud of?

In 20 years’ time I hope to be working overseas as a top model, travelling the world and making a lot of money for my family. I’d like give back to my Mum and Dad.

What advice do you have for young Pacific people who might be thinking of pursing a similar pathway?

Always be yourself, be confident and always shake hands with a smile!

We’d like to thank Ayden and his mum Tui for sharing their story with us. If you’d like to stay up to date with Ayden, you can find him on Instagram at @aydenw_official