For My Little Sister’s Namesake, VeaKiTokelau Molitika

In Loving Memory of Lavinia Havea Molitika


I find myself at Peace-
With company. The bird amorously toys with the fragrant bloom of the Heilala in a swift love affair.

Then it departs. What is the left is the redolence – and I fear that the perfume might waft and conjure

memories of a time-honoured countenance, tears flowing.

For time then laughs at the fool who adjures a past that has long gone as it keeps on thoughtless-ly.

Living room

The sun shines through the window panel revealing dust aflight – finally taking rest on the piano.

Keys that fingers have not caressed – no utterance of a melody since time gone.

The FM radio strings out words of a saccharine tune and Tu’imala’s voice drifts into the living room-
I lull myself to sleep recounting Queen Salote’s poetry.


I awake

for the zephyr of cinnamon wafts

attuned to the nostrils of a 6-year old. Gingerbread men.

Those working hands, decorated with wrinkles by time –

Decorates birthday cakes.

Dining room

Saturday morning cartoons play in the background whilst

I composed for you a song in tantrums, and


Forswear, forgive me for my Untoward behavior. I never told you.

I snuck a pikelet into my mouth

while you weren’t looking.


I remembered to drink 8 glasses of water today in ode to you.

Recipe book shelved

comprise of reprimand and wisdom,

Flour and face paint.

Color coordinated placemats.

And swirled red and white candy canes to bedight the

Christmas tree.

Stirred salt into water for toothaches –

While caramelized goodness -molded toffee in a jar



For the restless child in me finds respite

As you hum Little Ole one last time.


Tongan, born and bred, VeaKiTokelau Molitika is a college student currently majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Pacific Studies. Her experiences are her muse – the ink, her weapon and paper, her refuge.

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