One Year On… Michelle Vocea


A lot can happen in a year! In March 2015, we shared Michelle Vocea‘s story. At the time she was pursuing her love of healthy eating and fitness as a  self-made creative chef and qualified personal trainer. We thought we’d find out how life has changed for Michelle since then and what lessons she’s learnt along the way. 

What have you been up to since we shared your story? How has life changed?

Since sharing my story in March 2015, quite a bit has changed! When I was first interviewed, I was working full-time for a not for profit organisation with deaf and hearing impaired, whilst doing Personal Training (PT) on the side for some extra cash. In August, I enlisted into the Royal Australian Navy and have since relocated to Victoria from Brisbane for work. With the new change in career, I also gave up PT on the side.

How has joining the Navy impacted the goals you used to have? 

Since joining the Navy, I still go to the gym at least 5 days a week, sometimes even twice a day. Thankfully, my love and dedication to gym has probably gotten a lot stronger since I was initially interviewed. On the eating and cooking front, I admit I am no where near as strict as I used to be with my food. Due to living on base, it is quite difficult making and preparing my own food with little to no cooking facilities on board. Although that’s no real excuse, it’s the one I’m going with for now  haha! 

What positive changes have you made along the way? 

Since sharing my story, I believe I now live a bit more of a balanced lifestyle that isn’t so strict. I find that now there’s less of me beating myself up for not sticking to my training routine or meal plans, but, rather me being active and eating as best I can because I enjoy it and not because I feel like I have to do it.

Life hasn’t changed to a great extent but a lot has happened since last year when my story was first shared.

With that, I am happy, healthy, well fed, training frequently, and I am enjoying life and everything it has to offer.

We’re so happy for Michelle and we’re still excited for what the future holds for her. If you’d like to wish her well, you can send her your well wishes via our Facebook page.