Vosa is a Pacific storytelling podcast produced by Good Will Media and supported by the World Bank in the Pacific and Papua New Guinea. Good Will Media works in partnership with Talanoa, a leading digital platform for Pacific storytelling, created and led by Pacific people for a Pacific audience. Vosa is also supported by a steering group comprising of four experts in the Pacific and Papua New Guinea, who provide feedback and guidance on episode content.

By amplifying the voices of the Pacific and Papua New Guinea through a podcast, Vosa invites audiences into an intimate setting of talanoa (meaning to discuss or tell stories in Fijian, Tongan, and Samoan) to bridge the lived experience of Pacific people with the unique issues and opportunities that are faced across the region. The podcast addresses developmental and topical social issues across the themes of health, education, inequality, transport and livelihoods through both an analytical lens, and an emotive, charismatic lens, which resonates with our target audience.