It’s with great pleasure we officially announce that Talanoa have extended its family and will be supporting Tåhdong Marianas as a platforming partner for their digital content roll out over 2020/21. We are excited for this new chapter and without any further ado, we present you Tåhdong Marianas.


“We are Tåhdong Marianas – a collective of young Chamoru artists, activists,  scholars, and filmmakers. Tåhdong is the Chamoru word for describing something that is “deep,” or “profound” – our mission is to foster deeper connections between communities throughout the Marianas.

Our goal is to create a media project about Marianas identity by amplifying the voices of island artists and community members, to inspire our youth to continue these traditions. We believe that by maintaining our relationships and sharing our stories of place with one another can provide strength and resilience. Stories of hope and pride are needed during this time of hardship, and we are excited to provide a space where our people can see our stories come together in a media project.”


Follow their work on Instagram.