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“Because issues that affect one of our islands ultimately affect all of the archipelago, we need to share our stories with one another in ways that stretch the length of our island locales across our archipelago. By sharing our stories and relationships to place through the compelling medium of film, we will make visible the strength of one’s individual life narrative while learning how their perspectives and experiences within their island locale are of importance and value to understanding Marianas identity.

Our work is largely directed toward the compilation of life narratives from across the archipelago to produce a publicly accessible, nuanced understanding of contemporary Marianas identity. This production covers issues of cultural reclamation, land-based connections, and Indigenous storytelling practices.

Our interviews focus on how community members utilize cultural expression such as music, cultural arts and collective efforts to perpetuate and protect Indigenous ways of life. This project intends to achieve a deeply nuanced understanding of the issues the people of the Marianas currently face and how maintaining our relationships and sharing our stories of place with one another can provide strength and resilience.” – Tåhdong Marianas