We are a small but humble team of Oceanic storytellers committed to producing stories and nurturing emerging storytellers, by Pacific people – for Pacific people.

We Value Our Independence

Talanoa does not seek advertising revenue, as we see this as a major conflict of interest. Our priority is allowing people to tell their stories in their own words, and any accepting advertising revenue will affect the independence of our voice and that of our storytellers.

We do, however, love to collaborate! In the Pacific spirit of community and reciprocity, we seek opportunities to collaborate with organisations that have a mutual interest in nurturing the potential of Pacific storytellers in the digital world.

This means we are open to speaking to organisations that want to collaborate on producing Pacific storytelling initiatives to improve digital literacy and capacity within Oceanic communities. It also means that we accept sponsorship from Philanthropists and Education Partners who are mutually supportive of producing educational resources for our online community.

If you are interested in being a Talanoa Education or Platforming Partner, Sponsor or Donor, you can
contact us through this page.

We Value Our Partners

We are proud to partner with Indigenous storytelling platforms and organisations that nurture and elevate the mana of Oceania and her peoples.


Tåhdong Marianas

“We are Tåhdong Marianas – a collective of young Chamoru artists, activists,  scholars, and filmmakers. Tåhdong is the Chamoru word for describing something that is “deep,” or “profound” – our mission is to foster deeper connections between communities throughout the Marianas.

Our goal is to create a media project about Marianas identity by amplifying the voices of island artists and community members, to inspire our youth to continue these traditions. We believe that by maintaining our relationships and sharing our stories of place with one another can provide strength and resilience. Stories of hope and pride are needed during this time of hardship, and we are excited to provide a space where our people can see our stories come together in a media project.”

South Pacific Islander Organization

South Pacific Islander Organization (SPIO) is a 100% grassroots nonprofit founded in December 2018 by four Stanford alumni who believe in democratizing Pacific Islander access to higher education and economic opportunities, globally. They came together in response to the lack of cohesive Pacific representation in higher education, professional fields, and in the media.

SPIO’s strength lies in its inclusive vision, international network, community-building capacity, digital reach, and online following. Some of their highlights to date include establishing a 501(c)3 within 6 months of incorporation, reaching over 50,000+ organic international website views in 2 years, and launching 6 digital pilot programs to increase Pacific Islander presence in higher education and professional fields.

Studio Kiin

Studio Kiin is an Indigenous-led creative studio and collective. We are a family of storytellers who are working to normalise story sovereignty, cultivate kinship and prioritise healing in creative practice. We are passionate about empowering artists to lead with culturally responsive, ethical and sustainable creative practice.

We look for opportunities to bring ideas, stories or projects to life that are sustainable, exciting and challenging

We don’t do ‘one size fits all’ and our job is not to tell you how to tell your story. We work to empower people to tell their story their way and on their terms. Our methods are tailored to the specific needs of each community, project and partnership we collaborate with through the honouring place, space and time that they exist in.


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