Solwata Kin is a podcast, produced by Talanoa, that highlights and celebrates Oceanic thought leaders hosted by Talanoa’s creative director, Emele Ugavule, and associate educator Brandon Tacadena. We will be speaking with academics, artists and educators from across Oceania, diaspora and on-Country, about their journey to becoming who they are. This podcast is an opportunity for you to learn more about the uniqueness of their journey and how their Oceanic identity is not only integral but is inseparable from their work.

Through responsive storytelling, we aim to highlight the ways our thought leaders have carved their own paths, uplifted their peoples and re-imagined the future of our Ocean.



Transcript for Trailer episode


Vinaka vakalevu to our platforming partners  South Pacific Islander Organisation

South Pacific Islander Organization (SPIO) is a 100% grassroots nonprofit founded in December 2018 by four Indigenous and Pacific Islander Stanford alumni who believe in democratizing Pacific Islander access to higher education and economic opportunities, globally. They came together in response to the lack of cohesive Pacific representation in higher education, professional fields, and in the media.

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