We have put together an online resource of businesses & community initiatives that have been created or re-directed and are led by Oceanic peoples globally to support our community through these trying times.

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Supporting farmers, sustaining families – Guåhan Sustainable Culture’s new initiative, “Supporting Farmers, Sustaining Families” seeks to aid Guam’s local farmers while providing affordable, fresh produce to families in need.

What: “In light of the current health crisis, many of Guam’s farmers have experienced loss of income due to the closing of the weekend Farmers’ Market, reduced sales to hotels and restaurants,  and crop spoilage due to loss of manpower. Furthermore, farmers have found it difficult to bring their crops to market. One farmer noted that she lost 2,000 pounds of cucumbers and 1,000 pounds of eggplants in the last two weeks alone. As a result, so much local nutritious foods are going to waste.

Meanwhile, there are people who are in need of food in this difficult time for the island. Public health precautions have shutdown most of the island’s nonessential operations, putting many out of work and a source of income to provide for their families. Without a determined end in sight for the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus, we don’t know just how long we will be in this suppressed economy.”

Who: Guåhan’s Sustainable Culture

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NSW Health – COVID-19 information translations in Samoan & Tongan

Click to find more about symptoms here, patient waiting rooms here, home isolation and confirmed cases here, and stopping the spread here

Protect our Whakapapa – online resources for whanau Māori during Covid-19

What: “Tēnei te pō, nau mai te ao me te reo ō-mihi ki a koutou katoa. Ko Tiakina Tō Tātou Whakapapa tēnei e rārangi ana i ngā kaupapa me ngā rauemi kia mārama ai te katoa ki ngā tū āhuatanga o te Mate Korona nei. He mea whakamataara, he mea āwhina hoki kia ora ai tātau katoa.

This is an unsettling time. It’s new for all of us and it changes every day. So as whānau Māori, we’ve made this website to bring together simple, clear, trustworthy information and help about the COVID-19 pandemic.

We can’t physically go to our marae right now, or even each others’ homes to have a kōrero and a kapu tī. Online spaces are more important than ever before.

On this website we have links to official, up-to-date information about the virus. We also have resources we’ve made – posters that you can share with whānau of all ages. There are links for all of the whānau – support for wāhine, tāne, and games and apps for our tamariki.

We’re all in this together – we can do it, whānau – let’s #ProtectOurWhakapapa!”

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Hawaii Towards Zero – COVID-19 information & Pledge

What: “Hawaii Towards Zero is a local initiative that was formed in response to the global spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the immediate impact it has had on the people of Hawaii. By reporting your symptoms and taking the pledge, we can come together as a community to control and contain the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Hawaii.

Who: Hawaii Towards Zero is run by Traven Watase, Rose Wong, Leo Koloamatangi, Faithlyn Derla & Nathan Bek
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Hawai’i International Film Festival – Short Films at home

What: “Due to the far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the independent filmmaking ecosystem, HIFF has postponed our spring season programming to later dates. The Festival remains deeply committed to supporting our artists and are working creatively to bring our global ohana together. We are launching HIFF@HOME to bring the film festival to you. We are excited to offer our audiences at home to screen these very “Best of HIFF” short films from around the world, as well as from Hawai‘i’s groundbreaking filmmakers. Mahalo for 40 years of support and we look forward to seeing you at the movies soon!  Happy viewing!”

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Isolation support

Calm our community – Facebook community for Aotearoa based artists

What: “With our world heading into isolation, we’re just a few humans who wanted to create a space for our people to create, connect and check-in with each other so that we know that our oceans are vast, our villages are massive and we are not alone. Welcome to our Digital village, we hope you find a space to pause and be calm even if it is for a moment. 

**Disclaimer: We are not counsellors, nor are we promoting that we have all the answers about life. We are just a bunch of humans who care about ensuring that our villages do not feel alone during isolation.” 

Who: Calm our community is run by Aigagalefili Fepulea’i Tapua’i. Torisse Laulu, Zechariah Soakai, Asena Tolungamaka, Anatola Finau, Arizona Leger, Eric Soakai, Xaver Breed, Emily Muli & Joshua Iosefo.
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Helping Others! – Stranded Wallisians in Auckand

What: “This group of 25 performers and helpers from Wallis and Futuna came to perform at the Pasifika festival on the Tahiti stage and then go back to their families on March 21. Even though the Pasifika was cancelled they gave 2 free shows at the Auckland War Memorial Museum to present their culture

Their flight back on March 21 was cancelled by their government as well as any flight going to New Caledonia. They are now stuck in their apartments, which they will need to pay during the whole lock down.

It is for 99% of them their very 1st time on a plane and to New Zealand. Some of them are mature persons and some have health issues. Although they brought enough medications to last 2 weeks, they are now running out of medication and injections and will have to pay much more expensive prices for medication. Their priority is now focused on medication or food

It’s their intention to go home as soon as possible if only their government in New Caledonia would in agreement with the NZ government, send an emergency plane to collect over 300 other compatriots. They are here because of the lock down and would be very grateful to the people of NZ for any help they could give.

The funds will be to pay for medications, food and accommodations. If we have a surplus of funds, I will give it to a charity that helps other stranded visitors. If things don’t go to plan the priority will be to buy medication and injections”

Who: Helping Others! Givealittle fundraiser page is run by Ena Manuireva
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Twiddle Productions – Keiki Coding

What: “Keiki Coding offers a unique and exciting way of teaching keiki (kids) coding by using special place-based curriculum designed to inspire creativity with exciting stories and awesome games to create.  Each progressive unit of Keiki Coding teach core coding, game logic, proficiency and computer skills using Scratch. This 10 volume progressive program is designed with original art and animation that spark the imagination, challenges problem solving skills and encourage creativity. “

Who: Keiki Coding is run by Twiddle Productions

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Matavai Performing Arts Centre – Tagi Ai Le Fatu tutorial

“Samoan siva has variation of styles, this dance is a Maulu’ulu style dance rather than a Taualuga (solo performance dance). Although, you can use some of these movements in a Taualuga. Maulu’ulu style siva interprets or illustrates the poetry of the song: dancing to the lyrics. Maulu’ulu can be performed by both men and women. With Taualuga, often the dancer (traditionally the Manaia or Taupou) dances from his/her soul and not so much to the lyrics, his/her movements are improvised capturing the spirit and emotion of the moment. More formal style Siva. Samoan siva practitioners each have their own styles and interpretations based on their own experiences. Before attempting this dance, for Basic technique you can find a HOW TO SIVA SAMOA with Maryjane on Youtube also.

Techniques to remember and incorporate in this dance.

– Se’e- slide/glide – Bending of knees: out of respect in Samoa when speaking to elders we lower ourselves, same concept for siva. In a village setting elders and chiefs often sit around the Fale, the symbolism of bending knees is to show humility and respect – to lower ones self.

– Tapping of foot: try not to bounce or move hips.

– Ata: smile even if the meaning is sad.”

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Nicole Namdar – Free digital download colouring PDF’s and small business collaborations

What: “I will be creating custom pieces to be sold through my site that is in collaboration with a small business and donating all proceeds to that small business during this quarantine until they are able to open their doors to help offset their revenue loss.”

Who: @nicole_namdar

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Unapolojaetic Illustrations colouring in PDF’s

Saw other people doing them and thought I’d give it a go too ? if you would like me to email you a PDF of these to print out and colour in, PLEASE MESSAGE ME YOUR EMAIL ?? this is FREE of charge also!”

Who: @unapolojaetic.illustrations
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AkoTo facilitate Learning and Teaching – Homeschool and Remote – Facebook educational support page for parents who are homeschooling.

What: This page has been set up to educational support families when schools are closed in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Who: Ako is run by Nila Poasa.
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Feel Free Yoga – Online yoga practice for Queer + Trans people + POC

What: “Hey folks!
I’m offering online yoga practice for queer and trans people and for people of colour every Sunday ongoing. Usually, I teach these weekly classes in a yoga studio in Marrickville, but in response to COVID19, I have decided to take this offering online for the time being. We all find it really valuable and special being able to practice alongside people like ourselves, and practising online with people around the country is really special too.

When: Queer + trans flow 4:30-5:30pm (AEST)
POC flow: 6:00-7:00pm (AEST)
Every Sunday evening
These classes are more restorative and less strength-based. We will still get moving, but our priority here is to engage the parasympathetic nervous system- the one that tells our body we are OK, safe to rest, not in danger. So if you don’t or haven’t practiced yoga regularly, no worries, this practice is about feeling good, feeling pleasure and feeling softness.

How: I am offering sliding scale payment in acknowledgement of the importance of these practices for our wellbeing in difficult times and in an effort to broaden the accessibility of yoga and meditation to everyone.
Sliding scale will be $5-$15, suggested contribution is $10. If you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, please don’t pay. You can pay via PayPal or bank transfer or we can figure out another way that works for us. I will email you after practice with a couple of ways you can pay.”

Who: Feel Free Yoga is run by Daisy Catterall.
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Sunameke Nesian Dance – online dance classes

What: “Kia Ora Ladies, to adapt to our changing times I’ll be offering online classes over 8 seasons for the rest of this year. 

How: One season runs over four weeks and offers three classes a week: 

  • Tuesday (land | foundations), Location online IG: nesian.dance.class at 6pm – 7pm
  • Thursday (sky | movement), Location filmed at Wellesley (TBC) and online IG: nesian.dance.class at 6pm – 7pm
  • Friday (sea | balance), Location IG: nesian.dance.class at 10.30am – 11.30am

The three classes each week will be LIVE or on IGTV on instagram which means the class ‘live story’ will be available for 24hrs. Each season will have a dance we focus on so other short videos and imagery will be uploaded to help with learning the dance and its cultural background and intention. 

​Each season fee is $65.”

Who: Nesian Dance is run by Julia Gray
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Tokelau poets & writers initiative

What: “To counter these bizzarre times I have been thinking of ways to support my creative community as we navigate the unknown & provide an opportunity to give fellow Tokelauan writers & poets a point of focus if they need one. ? The first & only published book of Tokelauan poetry was published in 1992. I have a copy of it & it’s such a beautiful testament of how we see the world through the words & eyes of Tokelauan poets. ? It’s been a dream of mine to flood the world with Tokelauan literature & poetry because I know we’re out there. So, let’s do it together well we have the time. ‘The Sound of the North Wind’ is an anthology of Tokelauan poetry and prose – curated to get a full scope of the world from a Tokelauan lens both in Gagana Tokelau or whatever Lingua Franca resonates. ❤️

How: If you’re a Tokelauan who writes poetry or just writes & are interested – get in touch. If you know someone – share. Let’s Talanoa! We can talk provocations, commissions & publication. Or just vibe out some poems together.”

Who: Tokelau poets & writers initiative run by Taofia Pelesasa
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Otara COVID-19 Community Centre

Who: “The Otara COVID-19 Community Centre was built because there is a lack of testing sites which is a big barrier to getting a handle on the COVID-19 pandemic in NZ. The Otara drive-through and walk-in site is purpose built for our Maori & Pacific families, considered a high-risk population.

What you need to know:

1.     A COVID-19 Community Testing Centre is located at the Otara Flea Market Carpark. Open for free to the public 7 days a week from 8am – 4pm.

2.     Please come down if you have COVID-19 symptoms, Pacific nurses will be here to greet you and assess if you need to be tested.

COVID-19 symptoms include:

  1. Flu-like symptoms, loss of smell, with or without a fever, and you are otherwise feeling well.

NOTE: IF YOU ARE QUITE UNWELL please contact your GP or the COVID-19 Healthline 0800 358 5453. Our site is focused on those with mild-moderate COVID-19 symptoms.

3.     Please come in your car, it is drive through testing, and only come with your bubble. If you do not have access to a car, we can also take walk-ins.”

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Te Ahi Kaa – woven masks

What: Maori Kararanga (weaver) from Hawkes Bay has adapted her weaving practice to Covid by weaving lined facemasks. 

Who: Te Ahi Kaa is run by Purewa Macgregor

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V&V Pacific – Dharug Nation (Western Sydney, NSW)
Fashion face masks

What: “A way we can help during these crazy times. If you are interested you can send us a dm. $5 each plus shipping. We also do kids.

Standard shipping with tracking $5
Express shipping with tracking $10

These are 2-3 ply, breathable, reversible and washable fashion face masks.

How: Strictly Australian customers only(we can ship overseas however due to this uncertain time, delivery may take longer than usual). Overnight express shipping available. Pm for more fabric samples. We also have non traditional fabrics.

These fashion masks will not protect you from Covid-19 but sure help remind you not to touch your hands to your face and many other things that can make you more conscious of taking precautions.”

Who: V & V Pacific is run by Vasi Leitu.
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Mabu Mabu Tuck Shop: Food pick up and delivery – Kulin Nations (Melbourne, VIC)

What: “We have your Friday lunch/dinner sorted! The Mabu Mabu #tuckshop opens tomorrow ????Pick-up and and deliveries available for our lucky locals within 4km of #yarraville.”

How: Ordering though @bopple.app

Who: Mabu Mabu is a Torres Strait owned business run by Nornie Bero

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King Tide – Guringai Nation (Central Coast, NSW)
Home Meal Delivery

Who + what: “Our motto has always been “something for everyone.”

A meeting place for families and friends, locals and travellers, we love to cater to everyone from the oyster connoisseurs to the vegans, the pastry-lovers to the coeliacs, the espresso aficionados to the detox juice fiends.

Whether it’s a Monday morning caffeine pick-me-up, mid-week brunch, or a good old-fashioned Sunday sesh, our philosophy is simple; fresh & classic ingredients, prepared well.

Family lives at the heart of our business; the regulars and locals we see as often as family, the staff who have become part of the family, and our big crazy family that started it all.”

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Dillivery Thyme – Guringai Nation (Central Coast, NSW)
Fresh Local + Market Fruits and Vegetables.

Who + what: Weekly Subscription Boxes or Flexible Build-Your-Own.

How: Delivered Weekly. Hassle Free. Right To Your Door.

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