Bad Fiji Gyals is a new collective created by Quishile Charan and Esha Pillay, formed to re-frame and reclaim the documented history of Girmitiyas.

Image from Bad Fiji Gyals website, featuring ‘We Do Not Have Enough To Satisfy Our Bellies’ by Quishille Charan.


“Girmit has been told under a Western writing of history for generations, and the Bad Fiji Gyals actively dismantle colonial tactics that reinforce our generational silencing. We fight against any monolithic identity that forces different Girmit descendants, communities and experiences to fit into dominant Indo-Fijian narratives without questioning. We do not engage in romanticising our Girmit histories to further marginalise women, queer, trans, gender non-confirming (GNC) and non-binary (NB) ancestors and descendants.

Our collective centers this website primarily as an educational and anti-colonial platform to build ongoing sustainable networks of care and community work. We value transparency about our collective processes and goals, presenting stories with care and consideration and being context-specific with Girmit histories in Fiji. The collective works to be as responsible as possible with our research but as we are growing we know that we will also make mistakes. If any misinformation is shared, or our language is harmful, we will work to amend them and hold ourselves accountable.

The Bad Fiji Gyals have found strength and courage in learning more about our rebellious ancestors and dedicate space to healing and reconciliation for all Fijians (KaiViti/Indigenous and Indo-Fijian) living at home and the diaspora. We acknowledge that reconciliation is active in Fiji today and we hope to contribute our work and commitment to the community and Fiji.”

Image from Bad Fiji Gyals website

Alongside their website, they’ve launched a new podcast called Fiji Baat, an essay ‘Undoing History’s Spell on Bad Women’ and some information about their other new projects!

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