Bad Fiji Gyals are the brain child collective of Quishile Charan and Esha Pillay. They have a host of new projects, that are available to view or listen through their brand new website, including an essay, online exhibition, and an amazing new podcast called ‘Fiji Baat’.

Image from Bad Fiji Gyals website.

They describe their work as “The labour of sharing stories and cultural knowledge systems to uncover and learn about indentured labour or Girmit—the birth of our community—begins and has grown through friendship and a mutual love for our ancestors, community and Viti (Fiji). Our collective fights colonial tactics of generational silencing for many forms of resistance to exist and be embodied in our present and future. We honour the Girmit Women’s Gang and carry forward their fight to live. The Bad Fiji Gyals is dedicated to sustainable community care and intergenerational healing, especially of women, queer, trans, non-binary (NB) and gender non-confirming people (GNC) in our community.”

Check out their work on and follow them through Instagram or Twitter.