When I think of the Pacific, I think of the rich cultures that we’re immersed in. Some old, some new, and many of them expressed through art – a valuable part of Pacific ways of knowing, doing and being. 

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been fortunate to spend time with people working in artistic spaces in Fiji, particularly thanks to Peter Sipeli, whose career is fully immersed in the art scene here in Suva. 

Throughout my time with him, I came to learn more about ArtTalk, an online magazine for artists and people looking to learn about the Fiji Arts Sector, and the people who make it what it is today. The simple design, and stunning, vibrant imagery engaged with me almost immediately, before I began to pour over the stories throughout issue #4. I think this is an important space for artists across Fiji to share their history, issues, events and stories with one another but also with the world outside of their own.
In ArtTalk’s own words:

ArtTalk Fiji is a community of practising artists established to share arts information locally and globally. We aim to create awareness about the arts, grow attendance and involvement in the arts in Fiji, and promote the Fiji Arts Sector to the world. ArtTalk programs portray the lived realities of artists, their work and the diverse communities they represent.

Peter Sipeli – Founder
Peter’s background in Pacific arts, slam poetry, and advocacy through storytelling leave him a man of bright ideas. He aims to bring art to the forefront of rural and urban spaces in Fiji and exhibit what’s being shared throughout the region.

Ashley Prigent – Editor
Ashley’s long affinity with music and literature has left him in awe of the performing and literary arts in Fiji. He hopes to assist in promoting spaces for Pacific youth to exhibit their work and grow as artists.

Joshua Dean – Designer
Joshua is a young multimedia artist who dabbles in design, photography, video and animation. He is interested in inspiring change and growth in the community through the arts.

You can read their latest issue, and explore previous issues via their website, and on their Facebook page.