The Spirit of a Ta’ahine, VeaKiTokelau Molitika

Her oil glistens in the sunlight,

The voice of older women gossipping is heard, either expressing contempt of her beauty or showing unneeded approval,

“Her oil glistens, meaning she is still a virgin.”

But she pays them no mind,

As her focus is seduced by the sound of island chants

Her head and hands elegantly mirrors the tale of the song.

Her calves move as her body moves,

Yet her nature, still.

The audience mesmerized,

As they share her spirit of mafana. 


Tongan, born and bred, VeaKiTokelau Molitika is a college student currently majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Pacific Studies. Her experiences are her muse – the ink, her weapon and paper, her refuge.


Arieta Tora Rika is a Tongan-Fijian Freelance Writer, Digital Communications Specialist, and Talanoa's Founder and Creative Director. Born in Darlinghurst in the late 80s, she spent most of her childhood in Fiji, New Zealand and Australia, and all of her teen years in Tonga. She now lives in Western Sydney with her husband Josese.