We put together a list of podcasts from all over the Pacific that you should listen to!

Turtle Island (North America)

Talanoa Podcast

The Talanoa Podcast is a extension of the Talanoa Series a lecture forum created in 2012 to bring together the Pacific Island community to discuss the issues and experiences that shape our communities in the United States and across the ocean.


Pacific Current

The Pacific Current is a podcast focused on the modern-day Pacific Islander. Our goal is to inspire, connect, and flow with people of our islands. We focus on creative, cultural and business minds in the community today who are shaping the future of those in The Pacific, specifically Hawaii. From entrepreneurs, fashion designers, entertainers, farmers, educators, and philanthropists, we interview people who are molding the future of Pacific people. We are a small group, but believe that the islands of the Pacific are a tightly-connected group of people whose story needs to be told through modern forms of communication. By utilizing today’s technology, we can spread our message much further than ever before. The common thread that binds each of our guests, listeners, and hosts is our love for these islands and her people.


The Island Wave Podcast

Collecting all the Pacific Island experiences of Utah, building a bridge to the broader Community ~



Papua New Guinea

#WhoAskedHer – the Podcast

Papua New Guinea’s First Feminist Podcast. Join us for conversations on things that matter to us.


Freedom For Fiji by Jope Koroisavou

“Bula Vinaka, Welcome to my podcast, this is a platform where I voice my oppinions about Fiji pollitical situation and also talk about issue that affects our nation and especially the youths .”

New Caledonia

New Caledonia’s referendum and the struggle of the Kanak people

Since its founding in 1984, the Front de Libération Nationale Kanak et Socialiste (FLNKS) in New Caledonia has been campaigning for independence from France. Under the 20-year transition established by the 1998 Noumea Accord, the French dependency is moving towards a referendum on self-determination, to be held on 4 November 2018.

In this podcast, the referendum and future options for the Kanak people is discussed by Daniel Goa, president of Union Calédonienne (UC), the largest member of the FLNKS independence coalition. At the February 2018 FLNKS Congress, he was appointed as official spokesperson for the FLNKS in the lead up to the looming referendum on self-determination.

Mr. Goa discusses the FLNKS campaign for the referendum, and how the vote will affect New Caledonia’s relations with Australia and other members of the Pacific Islands Forum. He also outlines the FLNKS proposal for a new republic of Kanaky-New Caledonia and economic options for an independent and sovereign state.



Gagana Samoa Pronounciation Basics

Helpful examples and tips on Gagana Samoa greetings, vowels and phrases  – including Pasifika; and how the word Rhododendron can assist you with pronouncing Pasifika. Listen and practice along with Aiono Manu and Ānaru to improve your pronunciation.


Ready or Not: Damon Salesa

In Island Time Damon Salesa argues that while NZ has passively allowed a tacit segregation to take hold between Pakeha and Pasifika, the future of this country is Pacific, whether we are ready or not. Setting a course through the “islands” of Pacific life in NZ – Ōtara, Tokoroa, Ōamaru and beyond – Salesa envisions a country becoming “even more Pacific by the hour” and challenges us, in this year’s Michael King Lecture, to embrace our Pacific talent, and finally act like a Pacific Nation.

K’aute Pasifika on Air

K’aute Pasifika Trust is a Pacific Island initiative, community owned, highly mobile, provider of Health Services, Social Services and is also registered as a Private Training Establishment. It was set up to meet the needs of Pacific people residing in the Waikato region. Its mission is, “United we will Achieve” It is a “by Pacific for Pacific” organisation that recruits New Zealand registered nurses, social workers, tutors and community support workers with an ethnic-specific focus to address those barriers that prevent people from accessing existing services.





Public Radio – Guam


Micronesian Podcast with Patrick Pedrus


A podcast from Micronesia about Micronesia (and a whole lotta other things) by a Micronesian. Micronesia is located in the Western Pacific, right above the equator. It’s a tropical paradise and I love it.

Master Random



Arieta Tora Rika is a writer, Pacific storyteller, and Talanoa's Founder. With over 10 years of experience in social impact and non-profit communications across Australia and the Pacific, Arieta has dedicated her career to writing for positive change in vulnerable communities. She is currently a Communications Manager for The Salvation Army's aged care services, a part-time student at Western Sydney University as she completes a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), and a sometimes storyteller and cultural advisor for Talanoa.