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Marama ni Viti Workshop by The Veiqia Project

Over the last few weeks, thoughts about what I know and don’t know about Fijian culture have rolled around inside my head like changing tides. Do I know enough about Fijian culture as whole? How can I learn, while encouraging others to do the same? Over the years I’ve relied heavily on the little I […]

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Women With Vision

The Women With Vision event by K&D Management is one that’s close to my heart. In recent weeks I’ve mentioned my thoughts on women genuinely supporting women – that it just doesn’t happen often enough in our Pacific community. I also echo the words of my friend Dr Vanisha Mishra-Vakaoti in saying, “I haven’t understood how […]

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Free Fijian Hugs in the United Kingdom

Bula Talanoa, My name is Luke Rokobuli and I’ve resided in the United Kingdom for the past 13 years. Originally I am from Bua. I now live in Ipswich with my wife and five children. I stumbled across your web site and I think it is a brilliant idea to be able to share stories […]

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Golden Coconut Creations

“Golden Coconut Creations is an independent fashion label that was first conceived in 2010 by three islanders. These friends wanted to create an innovative and unique clothing line to cater for Pacific Islanders all over the world. We officially launched online in November 2011 with a small range of t-shirts that we felt resonated with […]

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Hunting for the Best Coffee in Suva

After having a two-week trip to Suva extended to six, I decided to start hunting around for the best local coffee spots. For a seriously spoilt, Sydney coffee head like me, finding the right coffee spot was essential to my productivity while writing, working remotely and meeting people in Suva. With a few pointers from […]

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What’s in a Name, When it Comes to Talanoa?

On the 29th of September 1988, a young Pasifika couple welcomed their screaming bundle of joy into the world. A round, bald and healthy baby girl. As he did with his two children before her, her father beamed with pride as he gifted her with her name. Her mother, weighing in on the conversation, added […]

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