Golden Coconut Creations

“Golden Coconut Creations is an independent fashion label that was first conceived in 2010 by three islanders. These friends wanted to create an innovative and unique clothing line to cater for Pacific Islanders all over the world. We officially launched online in November 2011 with a small range of t-shirts that we felt resonated with like minded Pacific islanders and those with Pacific Island connections. We wanted to create something new and set ourselves apart from the typical cookie cutter tourist focused t-shirts. In late 2012 we released our first range of Sunglasses, since then we have been expanding on our range to what you see today.” – Golden Coconut Creation’s website.

To find out more about Golden Coconut Creations and their products, head to their website here.


Arieta Tora Rika is a writer, Pacific storyteller, and Talanoa's Founder. With over 10 years of experience in social impact and non-profit communications across Australia and the Pacific, Arieta has dedicated her career to writing for positive change in vulnerable communities. She is currently a Communications Manager for The Salvation Army's aged care services, a part-time student at Western Sydney University as she completes a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), and a sometimes storyteller and cultural advisor for Talanoa.