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Brown Skin, Ronna Su’a

Papalangi: You, with the brown skin, big eyes and thick long hair. You are a child of the wavering seas and abundant lands. You’re a Pacific Islander aren’t you. Forgive me for singling you out, here let me introduce myself. My name is western society and I just can’t help but notice how different you […]

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The Spirit of Tama Tangata, VeaKiTokelau Molitika

Dedicated to my father ‘Ofeina-he-lotu and brothers Tu’ihalamo’unga and Filimone Lilo.    The thunderous claps of their feet Contact with the earth Likened to the stampede of wildebeests. Rugby feet. Lakalaka feet.   They question how you get so big. Climate? You smile. The sworn secret is 5 dollars’ worth and store bought. corn-beef built […]

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Wherever, you belong, you are not alone

How do we know what knowledge is? How do we attain it? And how do we measure it’s worth? Western-thinking associates knowledge with written literature. But knowledge existed long before people could read and write. Across the Pacific, many years before European contact, countless ways of thinking, knowing and being were shared between people, families, villages […]

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