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Pacific Runway is Normalising Diversity and We Are Here For It

So it’s 2019 and pop culture finally has dipped both feet in the winding and intersecting worlds of diverse representation. We are calling out colonisation time and time again for reducing our understanding of everything from gender and sex to ethnicity & beauty to simplistic binaries. Male/female, Queer/straight, beautiful/ugly. Diversity is on everyone’s lips, but […]

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Rukshana Afu

As technology continues to connect our globalized community  it is also helping our Pacific community to shift our perceptions of beauty after years of being subjected to Western ideals and standards. Rukshana Afu is a Samoan Fijian-Indian woman determined to make her mark in the world of beauty and fashion, advocating for the positive and […]

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Marama ni Viti Workshop by The Veiqia Project

Over the last few weeks, thoughts about what I know and don’t know about Fijian culture have rolled around inside my head like changing tides. Do I know enough about Fijian culture as whole? How can I learn, while encouraging others to do the same? Over the years I’ve relied heavily on the little I […]

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Golden Coconut Creations

“Golden Coconut Creations is an independent fashion label that was first conceived in 2010 by three islanders. These friends wanted to create an innovative and unique clothing line to cater for Pacific Islanders all over the world. We officially launched online in November 2011 with a small range of t-shirts that we felt resonated with […]

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Staavias CEO and Founder, Gustavia Lui

Meet the founder and CEO of groundbreaking footwear brand Staavias. The handcrafted footwear that caters to women in sizes 10 to 14, including wide widths. Before launching her brand Gustavia Lui had no previous experience in business or the footwear industry, only a hard work ethic and a passion to see her vision through. As […]

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Ales Patty Matenahoru, NUNU & SAKU

# WHO AM I My name is Ales Patty Matenahoru and I’ve been 26 years old for these last couple of months. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, and I’m from Nolot, Saparua and Kaibobo, Nusa Ina of Maluku. You may wonder how I ended up here in Europe, but its a history […]

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Ayden Williams

My name is Ayden Williams, I’m 11 years old, and a model from Prospect in Sydney. My Dad is Australian and my Mum is Samoan, and I’m the youngest of 3 brothers. I have a dog named Wilson and I love the beach, footy and spending time with my cousins and my family. As a model, […]

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Apela Bell

With over 27 thousand followers on Instagram, Samoan-born photographer Apela Bell has wowed the New Zealand fashion industry with his creative eye. At only 21 years of age he’s shot lookbooks for New Zealand designers, editorials for magazines and most recently collaborated with Parris Goebel for her music debut. Talanoa intern Falen Tuuga Stevenson sits […]

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