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Brown Skin, Ronna Su’a

Papalangi: You, with the brown skin, big eyes and thick long hair. You are a child of the wavering seas and abundant lands. You’re a Pacific Islander aren’t you. Forgive me for singling you out, here let me introduce myself. My name is western society and I just can’t help but notice how different you […]

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The Spirit of Tama Tangata, VeaKiTokelau Molitika

Dedicated to my father ‘Ofeina-he-lotu and brothers Tu’ihalamo’unga and Filimone Lilo.    The thunderous claps of their feet Contact with the earth Likened to the stampede of wildebeests. Rugby feet. Lakalaka feet.   They question how you get so big. Climate? You smile. The sworn secret is 5 dollars’ worth and store bought. corn-beef built […]

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Who’s listening to Millennials in the Pacific?

Have you read anything about Millennials lately? I’ve read countless articles giving varied opinions, but for the most part – we’re labelled lazy, entitled and impatient. What do we know about Generation Y in our own backyard? Since 2015, we’ve interviewed over 80 Pacific people, 91% of which were born between 1980 and 2000, qualifying […]

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Amie Batalibasi and Blackbird the Film

Tell us about yourself – who are you, where are you from? I’m Australian Solomon Islander writer, director, producer based in Melbourne. I grew up in Queensland, Australia and my cultural heritage lies in the Solomon Islands (Feralimae/ Kosi tribes). How did your story as a filmmaker and storyteller begin? Now that I think about […]

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Ales Patty Matenahoru, NUNU & SAKU

# WHO AM I My name is Ales Patty Matenahoru and I’ve been 26 years old for these last couple of months. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, and I’m from Nolot, Saparua and Kaibobo, Nusa Ina of Maluku. You may wonder how I ended up here in Europe, but its a history […]

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