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Pacific Runway is Normalising Diversity and We Are Here For It

So it’s 2019 and pop culture finally has dipped both feet in the winding and intersecting worlds of diverse representation. We are calling out colonisation time and time again for reducing our understanding of everything from gender and sex to ethnicity & beauty to simplistic binaries. Male/female, Queer/straight, beautiful/ugly. Diversity is on everyone’s lips, but […]

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Talanoa is a digital space for Pacific storytelling. We connect Pacific people around the world, through the power of our stories.
Arieta Tegeilolo Talanoa Rika


We put together a list of podcasts from all over the Pacific that you should listen to! Turtle Island (North America) Talanoa Podcast The Talanoa Podcast is a extension of the Talanoa Series a lecture forum created in 2012 to bring together the Pacific Island community to discuss the issues and experiences that shape our communities […]

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Talanoa Bites, Your Stories

Talanoa Bites: Stanley Nalo

Stanley Nalo is an emerging hip-hop dancer, born in Nouméa and raised in Vanuatu. After college, he came back to Nouméa where he danced with break dance crews. He competed in various hip-hop battles in France including Battle of the Year 2011 (6th place), Juste Debout 2016 (final) and was winner of the European  Street […]

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Rukshana Afu

As technology continues to connect our globalized community  it is also helping our Pacific community to shift our perceptions of beauty after years of being subjected to Western ideals and standards. Rukshana Afu is a Samoan Fijian-Indian woman determined to make her mark in the world of beauty and fashion, advocating for the positive and […]

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Talanoa Bites, Your Stories

Talanoa Bites: Elizabeth Kite

Talanoa presents a new bite sized video mini series where we get to know someone from the Pacific Community! Elizabeth Kite spent time with us last week to talk about the importance of Pacific representation within the Commonwealth Youth Council and how she hopes to contribute to that! Watch our first Talanoa Bites episode now!

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Creative Arts


We are looking for a graphic designer of Pacific descent (by ethnicity or nationality) to join us on our digital zine project! If you’re studying or emerging this is a great opportunity to work closely with Talanoa and get paid. Although someone based in Sydney, Australia would be preferable, we are open to collaborating long […]

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